Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism 2021
Crossroads, Building the Resilient City
Live Projects
@Sewoon Plaza
The KATHOUSE champions a timely return of gatherings, proposing an architectural celebration of the city, its people, its cats and all its other beasts. The KATHOUSE is a space of performance contained but open, ventilated but protected, a space given to the spoken word during the day and the moving image in the evenings. The KATHOUSE is appointed only with the very minimal and necessary: a sloped floor for inflected seating, a projection surface directed to the city, a pulpit for fiery denunciations and poetic reverie, and lastly, a light fabric covering protecting it from the weather.
The KATHOUSE is intended to be not only for the people, but also by the people. The KATHOUSE will be open to the public organization of events: screenings, poetry readings, speeches, master lessons, group deliberations, etc. This website will minimally organize the traffic and schedule a potential army of participants that will bring back a much-needed boost of anarchic energy to the city.

The KATHOUSE is part of <Live Projects> exhibition of Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism 2021.

THE KATHOUSE, Obra Architects, 2021

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